10:00 Welcome
Chair | Andy Hamblin | Chief Revenue Officer | LDSK

10:15 KEYNOTE: Another Christmas Gift for Global OOH
Tim Harvey | Founder | Knitting Media | Co-Founder | Purl Applications

A summary of progress on your worldwide OOH AdTECH standards this year from Outsmart (UK), OAAA (USA), OMA (AUS) and the IAB TechLab.

11:00 Debunking 2024 Programmatic DOOH challenges
Clémence Chemel | Publishers Account Manager | Displayce

Clemence will delve into the intricacies of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising, aiming to debunk challenges and illuminate the path forward in 2024. This talk is tailored for industry professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape, with a focus on critical elements shaping the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

11:30 The Vision of a Seamless Customer Experience In Retail Media
Marvin Vacquier Droop | Business Lead Software & Integrations | First Impression audiovisual

12:00 Lunch and Networking

13:30 What’s The Difference Between Reporting And Third Party Verification?
Carlos Viladeval | Founder | OOHTRACE
Marvin Vacquier Droop | Founder | Confirm
chaired by Keni Bernardin | Co-Founder and CEO | LDSK

Keni brings together industry experts to discuss what the difference is between reporting and third party verification (IVP) and why brands need it.

14:15 Principles for Effective OOH in the Digital Age
Nicola Fox | Head of Programmatic | Talon

Nicola will explore the radical advancements in the DOOH industry and bring to life the brands that are pushing technological and creative boundaries, through daring campaigns supported by market-leading data and effective measurement, the catalyst behind the recent OOH renaissance.

15:00 Fireside Chat
Nigel Clarkson | Global Chief Revenue Officer | TapTap Digital
in discussion with
Arno Buskop | Global Data and Technology Director | Kinetic

15:30 How To Create A Retail Media Network From Scratch
John Molendijk  | Co-Founder | Streaem

16:00 Closing Remarks
Andy Hamblin | Chief Revenue Officer | LDSK