Welcome to the Europe AdTECH: OOH Conference. This event is aimed at those already in AdTECH wishing to learn more about the Out of Home Industry, and for those in Out of Home who wish to better understand Automation, Programmatic Buying, Marketplaces, Media Exchanges and Revenue Management.

This event is being Chaired by Andy Hamblin | Chief Revenue Officer | Livedooh Signkick





    10:00 Welcome
    Chair | Andy Hamblin | Chief Revenue Officer | LDSK

    10:15 KEYNOTE: Another Christmas Gift for Global OOH
    Tim Harvey | Founder | Knitting Media | Co-Founder | Purl Applications

    A summary of progress on your worldwide OOH AdTECH standards this year from Outsmart (UK), OAAA (USA), OMA (AUS) and the IAB TechLab.

    11:00 Debunking 2024 Programmatic DOOH challenges
    Clémence Chemel | Publishers Account Manager | Displayce

    Clemence will delve into the intricacies of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising, aiming to debunk challenges and illuminate the path forward in 2024. This talk is tailored for industry professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape, with a focus on critical elements shaping the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

    11:30 The Vision of a Seamless Customer Experience In Retail Media
    Marvin Vacquier Droop | Business Lead Software & Integrations | First Impression audiovisual

    12:00 Lunch and Networking

    13:30 What’s The Difference Between Reporting And Third Party Verification?
    Carlos Viladeval | Founder | OOHTRACE
    Marvin Vacquier Droop | Founder | Confirm
    chaired by Keni Bernardin | Co-Founder and CEO | LDSK

    Keni brings together industry experts to discuss what the difference is between reporting and third party verification (IVP) and why brands need it.

    14:15 Principles for Effective OOH in the Digital Age
    Nicola Fox | Head of Programmatic | Talon

    Nicola will explore the radical advancements in the DOOH industry and bring to life the brands that are pushing technological and creative boundaries, through daring campaigns supported by market-leading data and effective measurement, the catalyst behind the recent OOH renaissance.

    15:00 Fireside Chat
    Nigel Clarkson | Global Chief Revenue Officer | TapTap Digital
    in discussion with
    Arno Buskop | Global Data and Technology Director | Kinetic

    15:30 How To Create A Retail Media Network From Scratch
    John Molendijk  | Co-Founder | Streaem

    16:00 Closing Remarks
    Andy Hamblin | Chief Revenue Officer | LDSK


    • Andy Hamblin


      Andy Hamblin
      Livedooh Signkick
    • Sinterklaas
    • Keni Bernardin
      Keni Bernardin
    • Arno Buskop
      Arno Buskop
    • Nigel Clarkson
      Nigel Clarkson
      Taptap Digital
    • Clémence Chemel
      Clémence Chemel
    • Marvin Vacquier Droop
      Marvin Vacquier Droop
    • Nicola Fox
      Nicola Fox
      Talon Outdoor
    • Tim Harvey
      Tim Harvey
      Knitting Media
    • John Molendijk
      John Molendijk
    • Carlos Viladevall
      Carlos Viladevall

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